Mini Escapism : Kemaman + Kuantan - Video

Af compiled the videos he took on our last mini escapism to Kemaman. It's another month before our next escapism, so we have to be a little more patient and finish up all the freelance works before the trip. I'm a bit busy lately, I'm curating things in a long go at this moment. 

I thought being a freelancer means more time, I was wrong - it means being able to learn and adapt to the flexible working time and find the balance between work, family, and personal life :F Sometimes I'll be drifted off, be super malas and do nothing. Sometimes I'll be super productive. Haiiyoh =.=


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2 comments on "Mini Escapism : Kemaman + Kuantan - Video"
  1. Yay. Kemaman is just south of where we are (Paka, atas sikit dari Kerteh). Your husband might appreciate my version of an Escapism video: