Little Things 139 : Snowflaked Memories

You know how memories come and go?

It goes swiftly like a falling snowflake drops on the tip of your nose, too small to give you a chill but you know it is there, for a few seconds, or even minutes, before it melts. Of all the countless snowflakes none shaped the same, or even identical.

Memories are like that. 
They give you those soft nudge, saying;
"hey, it's me",
each time they appear slightly different than before. 
And softly, they melt away.


4 comments on "Little Things 139 : Snowflaked Memories"
  1. tgh layan lagu Memory Is Cruel by Russian Red sambil baca blog ni..terjumpa lak dgn post ni. Well said and it's touch me. (sbb tgh mengenang memori silam)
    ~your silent reader~