Little Things 87 : Don't Inspire People

I always remind myself that I don't live to inspire anyone. I do what I do best and I do it because I can, and I expect myself to do more. That way it becomes more personal and much closer to me. In writing or reading or doodling or sharing, everything comes back to me. I am selfish that way *I really am, Sirius Black - bless his soul. I don't live to put up with other people's expectation. 

It is much easier than trying to impress people with what you can do.
This is what I can offer to the world and I don't mind if it is not good enough, or bad, as long as I'll keep on doing what I do best and still feel fulfilled. The goals I have are for myself, the strength and passion I have are for myself. 

If you do something to impress people, you'll lose the purpose. 

I doodle because it calms me, and I doodle for money to survive. That's it.
I write because I love it, and I write because I want to express myself. *can you imagine being anti-social and keeping everything my head? I'll explode !

So, you want to know basic thing about doodling ? 
Make it about yourself. What you are thinking about, your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs, things that touch your heart, things that matter or care about, things that you like, little things, big things, patterns, or anything for that matter. 

Be narcissistic. 
You'll find yourself in there, for sure.

2 comments on "Little Things 87 : Don't Inspire People"
  1. " *can you imagine being anti-social and keeping everything my head? I'll explode ! "

    i feel you sister . um .

  2. Good point there sis. I guess with us connected on social media most of the time, the desire to impress/'inspire' others have become even stronger.