Little Stories 54 : Thrift Shop

Lately I keep on playing a song called - Thrift Shop : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This happened ever since Ellen invited them on stage, and I love Ellen. So I came to love this odd song - not my usual genre but ridiculously catchy anyway. My sister and brother know this song too, considering it is one of current hits on the radio, *I think

So two nights ago, my brother and I sprawled on my little bed after dinner and my sister sat next to us. The usual siblings' talks and gossip sessions. I forgot how we started to talk about this song. I played it on my iPhone and sang along to it.


Me :
     I bet you like this part -
     "What what what what
     What what what what".

Aja : No I am not.


Me :
     How can they sing about a Thrift Shop?
     Imagine if we create a song called "Kedai Bundle",
            Aku nak beli barang, tapi harga barang 99 sen je ~.

Aja : Yeah, these days song lyrics are ridiculous.


Me :
     I'm gonna pop some tags ~ *here it sounded like na-na-na-na-na
     Only got twenty dollars in my pocket ~
     I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up ~ *here it sounded like na-na-na-na-na
     This is f****** awesome !
Aja : What did you said?
Me: What did I said?
Aja : You just sang it.
Me : " This is phony awesome ? "
Aja : Liar ! You just cursed !
Me : No I did not.
Aja : You did.
Me : Well the song made me. It's a bad influence.
Aja : Ye la tu.



And my brother did the most hilarious version of the starting song after the 'wha wha wha what' part. 
I love my siblings. 

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