Little Stories 51 : 5 minutes event

I was reading the Manuscript in Accra by Paulo Coelho while standing in the train near the exit door. Deeply immersed in the book, before I heard a loud thud. I lowered down my book and saw a woman laying down on the floor. Her eyes were opened and white. She was unconscious.

Hurriedly I bent down to her and held her shoulder. I didn't know what to do. I thought, "is she having a seizure or she just fainted?". I looked around me, everyone was staring at us.

" Help me ! ", I shouted. 

Nobody moved, maybe they were too shocked to do anything. Then a person helped me lift her into a sitting position and she slowly started to gain consciousness again. I kneeled behind her and rubbed her back. She held her head, her face was hidden behind her shoulder-length hair.

We lifted her up and let her sit at the chair, and I had to leave her because the train stopped at my station. 

I hope she will be fine and people would consider to help her get off the train. Not just stare or pretend you didn't see anything when it happened right in front of you. There were more than 30 people around her at that time.

Staring people wouldn't help much, you know. 
6 comments on "Little Stories 51 : 5 minutes event"
  1. org Malaysia ni macam dah tiada nilai murni sekarang ni. macam kalau tolong time tu dia yg akan bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya. kan?

    1. Mungkin lah kot, tapi takkan nak biar dia terbaring sorang2 kat dalam train.
      T^T Bayangkan kalau itu sy.

    2. umm.. tengok je satu hal. tapi kalau yg ambil kesempatan macam rembat barang berharga dalam beg ke aishhh...takot nya.

  2. I've faced the same situation when i was 18. Masa tue dalam Putra LRT train heading to my aunt's place in Universiti Malaya, since i just arrived all the way from Seremban (Since its weekend, takder apa nak buat kat college, i decided to go to KL and lepak at Aunt place). Suddenly, ada Indian aunt ni fainted right in front of me and laying on the floor. I terus lari and grab her. I shouted help, help and stared at those ppl around me. And another guy (an Indian as well) came from another coach sebenarnya. He told me that his a doctor. Both of us tarik aunt to the nearest chair. And yes, ppl keep staring at me. Aunt tue mcm dah sedar. Actually dia penat sangat. If im not mistaken the doctor explained it to me that she worked as a cleaner. I sempat bagi Aunt to my mineral water and let her drink. I excused myself and doctor tue cakap he will settled all this thing.

    I wrote about this once in my own journal. I was sooo sad to learn that people in big city can be sooo demoralized compared to people in small town. I masih tak dapat terima those ppl in the train who only stared non stop. Macam2 i pikir dalam kepala otak. I mean the reason why they didnt respond. Because Aunt to India? because she work as a cleaner? Ke aper? Ke kita kena tolong bangsa kita je? You get me? An Indian Aunt fainted? An Indian Doc came to help?

    1. Tu lah, I guess no one ever taught us how to react on those situations kan, so people don't know how to react.
      Entah ah, I'm not sure. I was too surprised to do anything, but at least I didn't just stared at her.

      I didn't understand why they make an invisible bulatan around her when it happened.
      Nobody wanted to help and that upset me.