Little Stories 48 : Mosquito

It's a bit hot lately. 
Weather forecast vaguely predicts raining afternoons for the whole week. Sometimes I put the fan next to me while in the lab, because I was sweating lightly - in full air-conditioned office! 

This also leads to mosquito season. I had to ask my brother to buy a mosquito repellent last night, *we hardly use it because my mom is allergic to the smell. Huge fat mosquitos were flying around me since last week, but I haven't got any bites yet - which aroused my curiosity. I asked them, "Aren't you hungry yet?". 

This reminds me.

A couple of months ago, when I was about to take a shower, I saw tiny wriggly mosquito larvae in the tempayan. Quietly, I managed to sit stoically next to the tempayan, and watched them. Mosquito larva breathes through their end segment, that's why they swim to the surface a lot. They will only dive when they are disturbed. 

Being an odd curious person as I am towards insects *again! I scooped every little larva and put it in a bottle. There were fat black larvae or pupa? and there were petite transparent larvae, all wriggling actively. If only I have a magnifying glass so I can really see them better.

I left them in the toilet.

My sister took a shower.

Later I went back to see how's my collected specimens  were doing.
Me : Someone threw all my jentik-jentik !
Aja : I did ! Are you kidding me? They are disgusting ! 
Me : But I scooped them one by one ! 
Aja : I don't care ! 
Shesh, human.


6 comments on "Little Stories 48 : Mosquito"
  1. Hahaha! Insectopedia and microscopic eyes in action! If i were your sister, i do the same. Hahaha.

  2. Hahaha, I knew you'll comment on this, Zara :D

  3. Hahaha. I used to scoop berudu out of the pond at my school when I was around 11 or 12 yo.

    I kept them in a tupperware and feed them those fish's food cubes. They started growing their rear legs.

    One day I am back home after school just to find out I am missing my experiment. My dad was home early and throw them away. HAHA XD

  4. Hahaha,

    Yeah, berudu pun pernah kumpul.
    Waktu sekolah rendah, kat belakang sekolah. Mcm budak pengotor je kan :D And because of it, my maid warned me and said if I keep on playing with berudu, I'll start having bad skin reaction. Takut dah nak pegang :p

  5. Duhhhhhh. This is madness.