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Hello !

I woke up early today because I was awaken by countless mosquito bites. I thought I'd be feeling groggy, but luckily I felt alive! I literally sang-aloud Karyn White's Superwoman and Keranamu Cinta by V.E & Quadrose, my all time random favorites. 

Before I went to to the bus stop, I went to check the letter box. Silently hoping for Raya cards, but alas! Luckily, I saw a medium sized heavy envelope when I peeked in. Yeay, my package has arrived! The travelogue I ordered from bookdepository! It merely took 15 days, with free shipping and all, I'm satisfied! Read here for my previous order review.


My third order from bookdepository :
French Milk by Lucy Knisley. I've been searching for this travelogue at major bookstores, but I never found it so I decided to order from bookdepository. Books posted in my letterbox on random days, I feel like Santa leaving presents on Christmas for me!

I am enjoying it by far. *I read it on my way to work this morning, now on page 124. It is a travelogue of her experience while staying in Paris for 6 weeks with her mom. It reminds me of my original idea, to explore Paris with my mom and write/draw a travelogue while on that 1 month stay, but alas! Airasia cancelled our flight that was supposedly due last July.

Anyhow, those random chit-chats, little trinkets of interesting things and foods, the culture and environment, the appartement, random french words that I recognized, makes me all excited. I need to do this project someday, someday soon!

Here are sneak-peeks of the book :


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  1. Asssalamualiakum,kak.
    Buku tu cam best je.. Akak beli kat ne?

  2. Waalaikumusalam..

    Itu, akak ade tulis kat atas itu,
    ada link bookdepository..