Little Things 28 : Train

My first train ride that I can remember is back when I was in elementary school. I am not sure if there are any other earlier encounter with train rides, but this is what I remember the most. Maybe because I took the experience personally. 

I remember my dad excitedly said we will take a train ride to KL that afternoon. We have never done that, usually he drove the car to places. So we parked our car at Bukit Jalil station and we went to the Mall, next to PWTC - of all the places.

On our way back home, we got the whole tram for us because it was pretty late. Having my dad as a father, we don't really show our childish excitement that much. So we sat quietly, waiting for it to arrive to our destination. I remember the soft sound of the air-cond and the dim white light. I remember my dad's tired face.

Today I got the whole tram for myself, and it brought back old memories.


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