Little Stories 13 : Call in Sick

I always feel ashamed when I have to call in sick. My dad used to say that he hardly take a day off from work. My parents were workaholics, I never saw both of them lazying off that much. 

Even on Sunday. Perfect Sunday where people wake up late, watch TV and I don't know what else people do on Sunday. Because we used to wake up as early as 8 am in the morning, had quick breakfast and were forced to help him gardening around our house. For several hours. It was almost like a ritual. I used to hate gardening so much because of that. 

Being kids, we usually whined and talked behind his back because we were too afraid to speak up *knowing how strict my dad is. 

Sometimes I keep on comparing to other families :
On Sunday, people can wake up late because there is no school.
On Sunday, people can watch cartoons all day long.
On Sunday, people can do what ever they want.
I want my Sunday!

Ditto my Saturday. Which we were usually asked to help my mom with her batik business. My older sister took care of the shop while I helped her at her little workshop. So there was no rest from Monday till Sunday. Or that was how I saw it. 

I guess I was too young to understand that : time is the best commodity that matters. 


I grew up appreciating my time. I grew up knowing I need to use my time well. I grew up knowing taking a day off from work because I am sick is an excuse. I grew up almost feeling envy watching people become so immersed with their working life. I even considering taking part-time job on Saturday and Sunday so that my time is used well. I feel guilty if I fall asleep on daylight. I'll be feeling uneasy if I sit around doing nothing. 

Now I understand my parents better. 
Time is just too precious to be used on nothing. 

PS : Family time is super important too. Other than work. 
Because the only reason we work, is them.

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