My Wall : Doodle


How is your weekend? My weekend activity : decorating my wall with frames and canvases of many illustrations. I've been planning on putting up my collections. 

Here, some views in front of my work place :

That's the biggest Little Journey on canvas!
That took several months to finish, due to the size.
This is around 60 x 45 cm.

The feather in white frame is from Astronautboys & the nutcracker is from Zamzammee.


All the Little Journey series is up for sale.
You may email me : azreen_31@hotmail for any enquiries.


3 comments on "My Wall : Doodle"
  1. wow.. that's very neat! Cool!! I've never took months for painting though, wonder that it fell good to start one, right??

  2. Yeah, I was quite excited at first, bored for awhile and got excited back again when it was almost finished! Lol.