Little Story 2 : Your word again?

This happened last night when I helped my dad with his work.

Dad : Reen, can you do this amination for me?

Me : Amination..

*looking at his laptop screen to see what is amination.

Dad : These moving items, I can do this, but it will take longer time.

*oh, he meant "animation".


I have no heart to tell him the word is supposed to be 'animation' not 'amination'. I smiled a bit every time he said it. *He did said it several time. 

That was so cute!

PS :
My youngest sister used to say 'gisu' instead of 'gusi'.
And every time she said it, my face lights up! :D

3 comments on "Little Story 2 : Your word again?"
  1. Cuba beritahu your dad sebutan yang betul dalam masa Azreen bergurau dengan dia (sambil gelak-gelak gitu), takut nanti dia sebut depan kawan2 or orang lain, malu pula dia :)

  2. Tapi he used to say the right word sebelum ni.
    Entah kenapa malam tadi asyik sebut begitu.