That's my current work on wooden mirror :D


just to inform all of you :) 
Those shoes commissions were given by a friend of mine,
and she bought those empty white shoes along
and asked if I could doodle on it.

I don't really like drawing on fabric though.
But if you are interested,
you can send me an email to inform,
then you can send to me your empty white shoe
and I'll draw it for you,
and the price should be according to the designs.



Because I have a permanent job
and this is my side-job as a hobby,
so I don't really have time to search and buy empty shoes :)
Hope you would understand.


Any orders/request should go through email here :
and for serious buyers only.

2 comments on "Current.Work"
  1. Nicer azreen, your work with colors.
    Better than monochrome.

  2. I just love your artwork! teach me! XD