Little Story 227 : Coughs and Herbal Tea

In the past 2 months, I got sick twice : viral cough and allergic cough. 

The viral cough took 10 days to recover. It infected my throat (so I was having a really bad and painful sore throat), my nose (I can't breathe through my nose at all), my eyes (there was a LOT of discharges and my eyes were blurry most of the time) and phlegm (infected ones). I went to the doctor and he said that I had to wait for it to recover from the inside and it might took awhile because of the viruses : 10 days.  Note : My sister passed it to me and I passed it to Af.

Another one is allergic cough. This one had me so sudden because of some herbs that I tried (and maybe isn't suitable for me - I stopped eating it right-away, it was the black seed or habbastus-sauda). It was more like a wheezing non-stop cough and phlegm. Plus, it was also pretty bad, the sound of it terrifies people around me. I had this for 7 days.

Twice, I had to conduct my workshops at Stickerrific while wearing face mask and they even prepared hot green tea specially for me because they were so thoughtful and probably because it was 'that' uncomfortable to watch me cough like I was fighting a demon inside me (and I love Stickerrific ♥️- please go there and buy a lot of stuffs to support our local business guys). 


I rarely get sick - except for my migraine, so when I do get sick, it is often a surprise for me. I also hardly eat medicine because I hate to imagine having these unknown chemical drugs in my body, so I usually go for alternative natural ways to help me get better. 

How I helped to soothe my cough :
  • drink hot Camomile Tea (in the morning / at night) - it's caffeine free, so it won't disturb night sleep.
  • a spoon of honey twice (in the morning and at night). 
  • drink hot Green Tea (while working) - it works like magic. 
  • also tried a spoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning (and it was super awful) :F


Extra note :
  • If you are still new in the habit of drinking herbal tea, I should remind you that the usage of sugar is unnecessary. You don't have to add sugar. Just add in the tea bag and hot water, that's it.
  • Don't drink too much - enough with maximum of 2 bags of tea per day. Nothing in this world is good when consumed too much.
  • Some teas got caffeine - some teas don't. Do your research if you are trying to avoid caffeine, especially when fasting season is coming soon and you know you need to detox to avoid extra cravings. 
  • Some teas are mild, some teas are strong - please try different brands to find something that matches your taste. 
  • Jane Goodall reminds me to go for "natural, local and organic" foods and drinks in buying things from the mall. So if you can, go search for it ♥️
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