Work Related : Wander - Second travel book + Video

The book, I should have written about my self-published book like 2 weeks ago when I opened for the pre-order (it ended last night). But I was busy and pre-occupied with other small projects and workshops and restocking stuffs  :F I didn't even updated my Patreon page as many times as I should this month. 

But I had my coffee and chocolate treats and I supposed I should write something about it now.


This is a project that took a year to finish. 
Book projects take so much time and energy especially when I'm the one that have to decide on the tone and the style and the cover and the quality of the work. No one gave me any direction - yes, I received suggestions and opinions but in the end I decided on everything. So it is a 'syok-sendiri' project. 

I didn't want it to be a travelogue, I didn't want it to be a guide, I didn't want it to be a comic. But I wanted it to be just like a personal travel diary - almost exactly like something that anyone can do when they travel because I did just that. That was my daily input when I was travelling in those 14-days Japan trip. I wanted to show people that it is possible to do such thing (even if you are not a comic artist, or a writer - you can definitely compile something and make your own book).

Wander (buy the book here) 🚀 :

In this book :
  • Daily activities
  • Places I visited in Osaka, Kyoto & Nara
  • Halal restaurants in Osaka
  • Things I saw and found interesting
  • On foods
  • Stamps & ticket/passes I collected

More about this book :
  • Size : A5
  • Pages : 60 coloured pages
  • Printed on 360 gsm matt-laminated cover + 128 gsm art paper for the content
  • Language : English
  • Self-published, printed in Malaysia
  • 100 copies first-print
  • Signed and numbered
Editing was done by my English teacher, Miss Chin.
Note : If you found any spelling/grammatical mistakes please inform me via email : so I can edit and print the improved version in the next printing. After all, this is a self-published book, I didn't have the budget to hire professional copy-writer 😅


This book means so much to me, because I did what I wanted to do. I know I travel a lot and every time I travelled, I feel like I should have produce/make something out of it. Useful stuffs. So that my travels will mean something, will somehow benefit others. I'm glad I compiled this in a book form.

The making :

2 comments on "Work Related : Wander - Second travel book + Video "
  1. I am totally inspired by all of your simple projects yet stunning and it striked me hard since I've not do some doodling/drawing for so long�� and yes thanks to you I've started to be active again with doodling some simple things at least once a week.Ive dreeaamm to buy your books but since I am a student, I've put on some budget to buy your book on May...huhu I hope there's at least one book left for me to buy it before it sold out!

    1. Thank you ! Always make a personal projects, we need to feed our creative souls. I love making things <3

      Don't worry, although this first print version is almost sold out, I'll be printing the second version in the future again :D