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This year, I decided to share more and offer to teach skills that might be useful to others. So here are the things that I did and still am continuing :
  • So I started with my first workshop for adult at Stickerrific (as a trial) in January - and it was a hit ! We already booked a date for my next collaborated workshop with MoodySeagull and another solo doodle workshop in March :D
  • I also did my first doodle outing class - in this class, we went to Aquaria KLCC and had a nice doodle session at a cafe afterwards
  • And I did my first weekend doodle class - in this class, we only sit at a cafe, focusing on the doodling & sharing session because it's in the weekend + in the city, so I didn't quite like the vibe and crowds.
  • I began to actively share the behind-the-scene processes for my current works in my Patreon and I try to actively share the things that I'm doing at that moment in their latest feature : Lens (like Stories in IG). 
  • I began to share processes on my Youtube, but I'm not so active because I don't have the energy to create & recording and editing at the same time. Especially since I started to do a weekly mini projects this year. 
Productive and time well-spent, exhausting but fun. 
Usually people will slowly forget their New Year's resolution by the third month, and it's nearly March. I hope I'll have the energy to be super productive throughout the year !


First Workshop at Stickerrific :

Note - Images were taken by Szeetoo. It was my first workshop and it was quite big, so I didn't have the time to take videos or images. I was too nervous ! More than 10 people joined the workshop. 

For more future workshop with Stickerrific :


First Doodle Outing Class :
There were 3 participants in this class, so we went to Aquaria, KLCC and have a nice long doodle class at the Loft, Avenue K. It was a bit awkward, but smaller class gave me a chance to focus on each students, so I'm quite happy with the outcome !

Now the rainy season has stopped, we can also plan on going to different places :D

Here are a bunch of introverted doodlers ❤

First Weekend Class :
We did a class at Nu Sentral Cafe with 3 more particpants (this time with an additional of an-11 year old). I found it less fun to only focus on the doodling activities alone, and having a weekend class in KL city was a bit distracting (because of the crowd). So I decided to cancel any weekend class afterwards, and only focus on the weekdays outing class. 


That's about it for all my firsts ❤

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