Bromo Trip 1.1 : Bromo Marathon 2016, Surabaya - Pre Planning Part 2

This is a scheduled post written starting on early August 2016 :

Things I buy for the run this time :

Running pack - Bought cheap one from Lazada, seeing that I'll rarely use it while running. This time I had to bring one to keep all important items while running : phone, keys, cards, ID and money. The one I bought is the super slim version, because I don't want it to be visible and bulky when I put it on. I just want to keep all the small items along. 
I bought it for only RM 18 with free shipping. No brand.

Pedometer - I'm still using my old iPhone 4s with an extremely weak battery, so it can't no longer record my running time for more than 7km. My fastest and easiest way to replace this is to buy a pedometer like the one people used to wear while running. Just slip it to my tracksuit/running pack and it works like magic ! It records my running distance(km), calories burned and walking steps. It uses the small battery like the one in our watch and it can be used for long - no need to charge it over and over. Tried it twice while running on track-mill and it recorded almost the same distance, just 100 meters difference. I changed the running distance steps with the calculation they provided in the manual. I'm so happy with this purchase. 
I bought it for only RM 16 with free shipping. No brand.

Pain Relief Patch - Last time we went to Japan and walked everyday for more than a week, + almost more than 8 hours a day non-stop. We had a really bad foot sores and aching legs for days when we explored the city because we didn't want to waste the time on resting except during night time. So this time, we will come prepared !
I bought it for only RM 3 - 10 small patches. Cosmopas.

Knee guard - Did I mentioned that my knee got injured after my 1-month of squatting challenge? Well, yes. It hurts to run, it hurts to bend =.= It's been over a month, and it still makes odd cracking sound, all just because of my own stupid challenge. So now I had to wear knee guard to support it and avoid more injury. I think I bought one that is a bit too small for my fat knee and it was really uncomfortable during the first week. But I've been using it for my training and washing it every time as well, so it stretched comfortably a bit.
I bought it for RM 18 - promotional item on the shelves. Lonsdale.

Track suit - Who would have thought that I finally over-worn my tracksuit and it makes holes everywhere :D It is time for a new one that I'll be using over and over again.
So I bought one from Aeon Big for RM 23. No brand.


For foods : We bought Milo packets, Maggi, and Lexus biscuits. 
I think that's it !

I decided to use my old running shoes in the run and just leave/donate it later afterwards so I don't have to bring it back. I will buy a new one when we come back from the trip. I used my running shoe for over 3 years, and it looks a bit worn-out. It is used for over 600km run + run by now.

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