Bromo Trip 2 : Detailed Cost for 5 days 4 nights

September 12, 2016
I'm back from my short trip last weekend !
There are several drafted posts I finally finished writing over the weekend. It's a bit packed with words and visual - to help people who are planning on future Bromo Marathon get the insights :) Things about money, things on planning and booking, nothing about foods - because I don't like foods much and it's fairly easy to find Halal foods in Surabaya.

Hope these posts will give some benefits to future Bromo runners.


Day-to-day activities and detailed cost taken in a small notebook :

Day 1 (Friday): Arrival to Juanda Airport
After lunch at the airport, we headed to our hostel for our short-stay. They informed us that we can use Uber to go to the hostel - we were such a noob, so calling an Uber took almost 1/2 hour because we can't find the Uber-guy that was waiting not far from our location pick-point. Calling Uber can't be too obvious, because taxi drivers in Juanda Airport won't be happy about it. But you can also use official taxis, they use meter and it's as affordable as using Uber.
Our Uber costed : 27,000 IDR
Kamariska Hostel : RM 55 per night
Foods of the day : 185,000 + 20,000 + 25,000 IDR
Groceries *indomart* : 65,000 IDR 
We checked in at Kamariska Hostel around 2.00pm, took shower, rested, had dinner, bought some groceries from the mini market, slept really early because we planned on heading to Bromo at 12.00am midnight and stay up the whole night.


Day 2 (Saturday) : Headed to Bromo
Our day started at 12 midnight, the hotel that we booked in Bromo scheduled for our pickup from Kamariska Hostel in Surabaya to Hotel Huni Raya in Bromo. We have a lot of things planned out for the day, and all train tickets to Malang were sold-out, so we decided to take their offer *even though it was way too expensive*. We had a difficulties in understanding each other, most people we talk to can't understand what we say, haiyooh.

Our pickup costed : 500,000 IDR (Around 2 hours of silent ride in a car)

We arrived around 2 am and our next planned-Bromo-tour that we also signed up for started at 3 am. So after the guy dropped us at a strange cold place that looked like a hotel that has been left behind, and the innkeeper put us in the small surau to rest for awhile, we can't sleep. Everything was too creepy. Right when our tour-guide arrived at 2.50am, we left our bag in the surau and joined him right-away :D

His name is Pak Inem, he repeated so many times, trying to make us remember. We also had difficulties understanding each other. He can't understand me, I can only understand some words that we both use, but most of it were all gibberish. No English, no BM, not even common Indo-language that we usually hear from sinetron. Ha.

  • First stop is the Penanjakan (2,770 m) - the viewpoint for our first Bromo sunrise 
  • Second stop - Telletubbies hills & Savannah 
  • Third stop - Whispering Sands
  • Fourth stop - Bromo Creater
  • Final stop - Bromo Marathon Check-In and Goody Bag Pickups
Our tour guide of the day (8-hours) + jeep rent : 750,000 IDR
Bromo National Park Access Ticket : 220,000 IDR x 2
Gojek + gloves + snowcap : 50,000 + 10,000 + 25,000 IDR
Toilets (6x) : 12,000 IDR
Bromo patches + fridge magnet : 70,000 IDR
Pisang goreng early in the morning on the mountain : 10,000 IDR
Lunch : 31, 500 IDR
Dinner : 70,000 IDR
Hotel Huni Raya (3 days 2 nights) : 900,000 IDR
*A detailed tour experience will be written in the other post. Click here to read.

The crowd in Mount Penanjakan


Day 3 (Sunday) : Our Bromo 10-KM Run
Dinner : 40,000 IDR
*A detailed running-event experience will be written in the other post.
Click here to read.

KM 5 - 6


Day 4 : (Bromo - Surabaya)

The view from Hotel Huni Raya
We also booked for our shuttle through Bromo Marathon event, so during our last day in Bromo - we only had to wait in front of our hotel along with the others. We had a simple breakfast of Milo packets and Koko Krunch that we brought from home, cleaned up the room, packed our bag and checked out. We waited at the lounge lazily, updating our Ig posts and all. 

2 and a half-hour after we had a crazy shuttle bus ride, we arrived at the Juanda Airport again. Our flight was originally scheduled for the next day afternoon, so we were supposed to have more time - but somehow Airasia re-scheduled it to early in the morning at 7.30 am. So we have no extra hours in Surabaya as we planned. 

We didn't manage to find Uber to send us, so I mistakenly picked up unofficial Taxi alongside of the airport. He tried to trick us into paying 70,000 IDR for just a 4km ride. I managed to make him agree to 50,000 IDR - even though it was still double the price of our previous ride. Annoyed but can't argue at people's place lah. 

Unofficial taxi : 50,000 IDR
Dinner : 28,000 IDR
Kebab : 16,000 IDR
Groceries : 241,000 IDR
Kamariska Hostel : RM 55


Day 5 : (Our Flight Home)

We woke up at 4 am in the morning, the innkeeper already made the booking call to the taxi service to pick us up and send us to the airport at 5 am. By 4.30 am we already cleaned up the room and checked out. We sat in the kitchen hall to wait for the taxi driver. He arrived at 4.50am, so we were both pretty early when we arrived at the airport.

We already checked in, walked through the airport and got nothing much to do until our flight at 840 am, so we bought 2 buns from Kopi O's - like Roti Boy's and also splurge on Starbucks Mocha Frappucino. We also went to the last minute shopping for the souvenirs : I bought a lot of chocolates for my families. 

Official Taxi : 22,000 IDR
Breakfast + Starbucks : 20,000 + 56,000 + 17,000
Souvenirs : 310 + 115 IDR

The flight took almost 2 hours, I was a bit hyper-active due to a lot of caffeine for breakfast. So while Af doze-off, I doodled everything that happened during our trip - one shot. I managed to fill in 6-pages in my sketch book :D 


Total : 5,385,500 IDR ( RM1,678 ) + RM 1,090 
RM 2,768 for two
Roughly around RM 1,384 per person
Details :
Flights : RM 440 x 2
Transportation + Tour : 2,151,000 IDR
Accommodation : RM 110 + 900,000 IDR
Foods : 355,500 IDR
Groceries + Souvenirs : 979,000 IDR
Bromo Run : 500,000 IDR x 2
Note :
My earliest plan was to use around RM 1,000 for everything in this 5days 4 nights trip. But seeing we can't find cheaper flight than RM 440 per person, we had to extend our budget. The main things we manage to do in this short trip are : touring in Bromo National Park and the Bromo 10km Run. We did nothing in Surabaya because we only spent several hours in the city.

I also noticed that it is cheaper to go in a group of 3-4 people, so share for taxi fares, tour trips and accommodations, compared of going for 2. Anyhow, if you are planning on your next Bromo Marathon, try to find 3 more friends to tag along, you can save a lot :)

Foods can be expensive and hard to find in Bromo if you are not staying at the main village like Tosari *where the event was held and Wonokitri. We stayed in Baledono, so we were both remotely far from others and it was hard to go anywhere. 

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