Reckless Life 2 : It Continues

It's been 12 days and I spent it all on creating more doodles, making plans for little projects, distracting myself with the net, updating my behance, experimenting and as many mini escapism as I can get. Additional work scope : cooking and managing the house, *phew.

It was a bless in disguise. I had a hard time managing time to work and time to waste around doing nothing much - as my friend said, "the first few months are the hardest to focus, because we'll get easily distracted", *true, true.  


On Mini Escapism : 

I had a fun time wandering in the city. I don't think I've ever walked that much before. It took almost half of my day. I walked from KLCC to Matic, to area around UniKL, to Maju Junction and Pasar Seni. Later I walked around Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju to look around the area. It was definitely a lot of new sights for me. By 6.30pm, my feet felt so tired and I was having my usual headache - * a way for my body to tell me that I am already exhausted. 

A great thing about this whole walking experience is how much I can update my data on places in my brain, because I am quite good in remembering routes. I love how I can visually imagine all the routes I took on the previous walking day. It feels like rewinding moments.

Another great thing is a chance to explore new places, even though it is as close as anyone could ever get. But I am not much of a city-girl, so exploring the city of tall buildings and traffic jams were still considered as a nice new experience for me.


On Behance & Imitations :

Here in the link to my behance. I am finally updating my previous overloaded works and it took me so much time than I expected. There are still so much to update, so stay tuned and follow my behance to stalk almost all my works.

Oh yes, now that we touch the topic, I realized that there are several more doodlers obsessed with imitating my works. Bare in mind that by keep on imitating other people's work, you won't know how far your imagination might goes, and the possibilities of expanding will be stuck by what you are seeing at that time. It is okay to imitate certain styles and strokes that you like while mixing it with your own style, but if you imitate everything, might as well call it copy-pasting instead. 

Bunyi macam poyo je kan, tapi when I people mentioned it to me, and I saw it myself, well it creeps me out a little. But if you feel that you are learning so much by imitating my works, well, if it works for you, then I guess I can't stop you - wish for the best in finding your styles and create super-awesome doodles ! Wihu !

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