Event : Islamic Art Exhibition, Matic KL

Last weekend :

My mother and us siblings went to Matic KL for the preparation of the Islamic Art Group Exhibition she participated along with other 20 artists. We arrived quite early and my mom being my mom, she brought along all other equipments as well : portable folding ladder, super spring, etc. We didn't start the work right away and took several hours waiting for other artists as well *note : the air-cond is still broken. 

The Morning

She managed to create 5 big mixed media paintings, mainly using batik technique. She took about 2 months to finished up the artworks. She is a bit secretive while making a new artwork, so usually we get to see it when they are almost ready. The artworks are phenomenal. Let's just forget that this is my mom we are talking about, because I am her biggest fan and it sounded a bit bias knowing I am her daughter. 

But you just need to go and see her works :

Almost ready.


So we went to Matic, hanged all the artworks for hours. I literally shaking and sweating madly after several hours of standing on the top of the ladder, tying up the tali tangsi and walah, I'm done ! 
PS : I can do this for money, because I'm pretty good at this :D 

The Brother
The Helpers
Other artists with their works :D


The event started yesterday, for the whole month of July at Matic KL, better check them out before the fasting season, I bet no one wants to walk around much by that time. Click here for the direction.

A little info on my mom, my master sifoo :
Zanubah Hamzah
She is a full time artist, I don't remember her doing anything other than creating artworks. She indirectly taught me so much about improving my works and creating stuffs - just because I wanted her to notice my works too :F hewhew. She is my number one inspiration ❤ , if you have a master sifoo artist as a mother, you'll understand how stressful it can be sometimes :D 
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My favorite piece, I want this please.

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