Sneak.Peek: Nutcracker&Ballerina

In making :

I asked several artists to draw their own version of Nutcracker & Ballerina. 
Still waiting for them *excited*

Received one already!
Can't wait to share with all of you :D

8 comments on "Sneak.Peek: Nutcracker&Ballerina"
  1. alamaakkk...i hv drawn only the nutcracker...n its the ugly version...hahah ingat dah nak bg kat azreen..looks like i hv to add the ballerina..

  2. Lol, no worries. Everyone with their own version.
    The one I received is so great I feel mine is too simple now. Huaaa..

  3. hakhak..okeh, i'll send u thru email when im done..erm, are we suppose to do this silently;meaning we cant upload it on the net yet?

    the one u received dari sapa? :>

  4. Projek theme yg sama, dr artist yg berbeza :D

    No, you can upload it, it's yours Waz :D
    It was from Cecilia Hidayat from Indonesia!

  5. Hello Azah,

    im one of your blog fan and i think u should enter this competition

    try it, who knows...

    *its a clothing store

    urs truly,
    art admirer