Osaka - Kyoto 8 : Our Album

We did different thing for our trip this time. 
  1. Flikr album
  2. Our own printed album book
Why ? If you read my posts religiously, you must have known about the story where I lost almost all of my digital pictures since 2009 - 2016 because of my corrupted external hard disk. Never again, will I rely solely on digital keeping. 

So 2 weeks after our trip, we bought some coupons to print out album in a book form. For RM 29.90 each (8x11 inch - portrait with soft cover) , we got ourselves a mini project - to compile all our photos from the trip and turn it into a book. Of course we kept the coupon and did a last minutes job :D Af and I did separate books because we have different styles and likings (and I don't want to argue with this - being both designers are not always easy, guys). My pictures were all taken using iPhone SE, and I was too lazy to make any colour/light correction, so I let all pictures as original as the day they were taken. Note : Pictures taken on this phone are almost perfect ! 

3 more weeks later, we finally managed to compile it and sent it to print. In almost 5 days, the book arrived at the office. Super excited because the images are nice, didn't like the super soft cover (but we chose for the cheaper version, can't complain about this) but the main thing about it all was the book's spine : it wasn't glued properly, so the first few pages were almost teared from the book. Ditto Af's album.

So I reported a complain regarding the issue, saying that it is not our fault and all. The customer service was so nice, guiding me through the process and we finally got a new version. Now we both have extra albums.

Ohh, and if you have noticed, no, I don't have pictures of my family or selfies. As introverted as I am, I noticed that even my pictures tell a story about things, buildings and foods only - there hardly even people in any of my images :F Lonely pictures ! I don't know what's my issue with the human :F

But anyway, I love my album.

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