Events : Etsy Made Local & Battery Acid Club

Etsy Made Local : 
This event was also a random tryouts for me. I applied and I got a place to open a booth on the Sunday from the 2 days event. I was really excited because I really like Etsy, and I was hoping that the Etsy community will be supportive and like-minded.

I was right! The crowd was the best, this is one of my favorite event so far. 

I sold so many sticker packs and postcards, some greeting cards and bags. People didn’t stop coming, even though by 3pm the weather changed from a hot sweaty afternoon to a heavy thunderstorm. But the thing was, even though it rained heavily people still keep on coming and buying things :D


The organizer & location :
I also like the big orange banner and the Etsy's free stickers and the posters and the little cafe : Battery Acid Club that uses a lot of my own Pinterest-inspired stuffs that I pinned! Especially the part with small-sized tiles for the kitchen top and their beautiful white and black toilet. A very well-designed place. So inspiring *taken from the IG :

The map :

I took 3 of Etsy stickers from the organizer, because I really want to stick them in my journal - even though they said one person can only take one, ha ! I also received my Etsy namecard and a sticker saying "Ask me About my Etsy Shop". Isn't this amazing? All customized items for all vendors - never had this much fun and appreciation at any events.

Love the detailing. Love the chatty friendly organizers.

Things I put in my journal :


The vendors :
I bought some stuffs from other illustrator called "Sukka Project". I really like her own unique stroke so I bought a hand-made small pouch bag - I kinda want the postcard as well, but it was hand-made and was quite pricy for me :( All the items were silk-screened onto fabric and paper, some of the items were paper-marched into a unique characters. They told me that they are joining Rantai 2016 as well, and I asked them to produce more art prints. Ha :D


I also met Diawangan for the first time. She is one of my client - I designed her company's logo. I personally quite like the cute logo of the cloud and smiley face. Kak Zila brought her son and husband along. I greeted her and stopped by at her booth, but I didn't buy any items from her : she sells handmade nursery items :)


Near to my booth was Eleanor,'s workshop, a designer and a calligraphy artist. There were a bunch of people learning calligraphy all through the day, I wanted to greet and talk to her but she seemed a bit busy teaching. This is her takes on the event day.

Other vendors :

I think I should try to make friendly greets to everyone after this, ask around, get to know people, perhaps interview some of the vendors to write about them. For that, I need a lot of caffeine in the morning and a mental set that the day will be extra exhausting but worth it. I should also prepare for a set of questions. Hm.


Outcome :
Sales : RM 623
- Booth rent : RM 80
- Lunches & Dinner : RM 100 (Dinner at Rimba&Rusa, coffee at Battery Acid Club, KFC for fast lunch)
- Gas & Tolls : RM 40+
The best sales so far in the past almost 30 booths at various events.

5 comments on "Events : Etsy Made Local & Battery Acid Club"
  1. I apologize if you have answered this before, I wonder where you get info/notice about upcoming local events in general? Is there a specific facebook page/group (or community) where organizers would advertise/spread the word about their events on?

    I'm interested in joining these things but I'm not sure exactly where to start, to be really honest.

    1. Oh, other than following previous events on their Facebook, I searched via Google and probably some of their websites. I always search for events every few months, usually around 3-6months before the event. I basically stalked them, and once they open their vendor application, I will try to apply.

      And I already pin-point several events that I want to join, so I take note to prepare for their next year's event. For example, in Etsy Malaysia, follow their Facebook, be in Etsy Malaysia forum, own a shop and basically wait until the time comes :D

      I don't know if there are platforms sharing all the artsy-fartsy local events updates, because I never really found one :D

  2. Salam azreenchan,

    Ive been following you since my diploma year 2 years ago :D
    Fyi, saya pun designer but junior designer and banyak info azreen share yg best-best!
    keep it up tau.

    Ive been thinking about this dah lama, how did you do 'sell' your art. How?
    and somehow nak start pun dunno which one to do first.

    Any tips? sebab ive found it could be more awesome if i share my art rather just doing design as a job. Can azreen share? Does it have to be popular first then baru boleh bukak booth dekat exhibition?

    Hope Azreen can share :D

    1. Waalaikumusalam,
      Thanks for the support ! :D

      Well, I actually started in 2010 - doing hand-made doodle, I changed to digital illustration over time because I always practice my digital illustration skill and I sell things that I did from my practices.

      How? Do what you like, create things that you want to collect, draw things that you personally like. Everything that you do for fun, just try to reproduce it in bigger quantity and try to test the market. People might not like it, or people might love it. But the important thing is you like it yourself.

      You don't have to worry because it's never a job, it is just your hobby, something that you really love to do for fun. And there are no bosses/clients to tell that you are wrong.
      So you can just start anywhere, and sell everywhere.

      Regarding booth, no, you don't have to be popular to start lah. Haha.
      You just need some money, time and a lot of hard work lah.


  3. Thanks a lotttt ya azreen :)
    Those words& advice truly means so much to me.

    Doakan azreen akan tercapai segala impin&misi. So, that you could inspire more&more young designer like me. heee

    Thanks again <3