Little Stories 214 : Nani

My current best friend every time I went back to Af's hometown in Raub is his 9 years old cousin, Nani. I first met her 2 years ago when she was 7-ish and she's still in her innocent age when every thing she says are cute and innocent. We will hang-out together most of the time, it's like having a young sister all over again :D 

I usually bring back new activity books and my younger sister's old novels for her to read because I wanted her to start her reading habit. Ha. I know that I started to read extensively when I first started to read by myself so I'm just trying my luck here.


Last weekend when we were both in the car, we had a conversation about school and math :
Me : Kg..
Nani : Kg tu kilogram kan?
Me : ml ?
Nani : ml tu mililiter.
Me : km ?
Nani : kilometer !
Me : cm ?
Nani : Centigram

While we were waiting in the car and she was reading a neon signboard along the shoplots :

Nani : U..R..U..T, URUT.. T..A..H..I, TAHI. "URUT TAHI" ! 
The whole car laughed when we heard this.
It was supposed to be "URUT THAI".

Now everytime I saw a Thai Massage signboard, it will remind me of URUT TAHI.


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