Little Things 209 : Survive without Makeups

There must be so many reasons for people who choose to wear makeups everyday to meet the world. I've thought about it often, and decided to just see it as the way people choose to wear their clothes, some simple, some grande, some fancy, some colourful, some people just plain and clean.

Honestly, for me I don't really like makeups :
1) partly because I'm still boyish at heart - I take it as man can appear as bare as they are and be honest with their appearances, so I want to do the same,
2) I'm comfortable with my flawed innocent nerdy face,
3) I still feel like there are thousands of unknown chemicals in those products,
4) I'm a noob. I don't know how to use it, 
5) I want people to know that this face that they are looking at, is the exact face when I'm at home, when I wake up, when I go places. That this is my face, and I don't need things to cover my natural flawed face.

I hardly use it. I don't even have it except for lipbalms. I survived my almost 29 years without the need of makeup and I decided to write this in case there are free-spirits people like me who wants to love their own natural look as they are and accept those flaws instead of covering it :) That it is okay to have tiny eyes or bushy eye-brows or flawed skin or eye-lashes like Snuffleupagus in the Sesame Streets.

Khaleesi from Game of Throne 


If you are going to survive without makeup, you will at least need to have a clear healthy skin. So for the inner part, you still need to drink bottles of water, morning juices, eat fruits & veggies and also exercise. That's the basic part. Some people are born with flawless skin, and some people don't. Your part is finding ways to balance out those things :)

Oily skin :
Ma said that it is okay to have an oily face, *less tendency to have wrinkles, yeay! But then I hate it, so the must-have item with me all the time is the oil blotter sheets. I use it often, especially at work in the air-cond office. My favorite has always been the Clean & Clear Oil Control film - the one priced RM 9.90 for 60 sheets =.=  It is expensive *for me, but it works so well and I can't say no to it. I tried finding other alternative but I never found one that work like wonder as the one I'm using now. Oh well. But seriously, I used ALL THE TIME. 
Tips : Buy the promotion - Buy 1 free 1 packet.


Exfoliate :
And because you are not using concealer and foundations, your skin can honestly tell you stuffs right-away. If you want your skin to look radiant and healthy, treat your skin with :

  • Facial scrub every 2-3 days, you can DIY
  • I also use peel-off mask once a week 
  • Facial spa - if you have extra money, but I never tried one.


Lips :
I use lip balm for the first base and coloured lip balm for the second layer. It doesn't really give colour to my lips, but that will do. Oh, I also exfoliate my lips once a week using wet towel while washing my face. 


Scars :
I actually got monthly tiny pimples during 2 weeks before my period. I guess it would make me normal. And because all I get are tiny rashes and pimples, it is easier for my skin to blend in with the scars. Hardly anything prominent left as scars so I don't think I need to conceal anything using makeup. But my skin is definitely uneven and not flawless - and for me, that's okay. 

I also use Fair & Lovely sometimes, and I think that helps with the scars. This is also my only lotion or moisturizer that I approve on my face. I'm tired of experimenting with this skin care products and never really continue afterwards because I'm just too lazy. I know the importance of moisturizer and spf thingys but my skin is just too oily :F


At the end of the day, you will be seeing that exact tiny slanted eyes, bushy eyebrows, eyebags and pimple-scarred skin at the mirror. And you won't feel ashamed because that is you, as you. 

PS : Plus, see when you get married, your husband will imprint the exact same pure look in and out every single day in his memory, with no lies, no expectation, just flaws as human not trying to be more than what's there on you. Mihmihmih. Thank you Af for accepting the jongger in me :D

2 comments on "Little Things 209 : Survive without Makeups"
  1. Hi!
    I really love how you can be so confident about yourself, Azreen :)

    I don't have major problems with my skin except the oily T-zone and some pimples during period. But I just love makeups. But nothing too fancy, of course. I always try to stay as natural as possible. I just love to imagine my face as a canvas and I use makeups to do creative stuff on it. Is it weird? hahaha. I wish I can be slim like you. ( so that I can eat whatever I want XD )

    I love everything that you post here. Please keep posting yaa :D

    1. Hi Nini :D

      Well maybe I'm not so confident, just lazy. Hah hah.
      I wish I know how to at least use the eye-liner, but then, I keep on asking my sisters when I feel like using one. So they will do my eyes, and I never really put myself to learn the art itself :)

      Ermm, I'm not actually slim you know. I'm adding up some meats after I got married. Mihmihmih. But I guess, this is a happy meat. So ok lah.

      Thanks for stopping by :D