Little Stories 86 : Muscle Strain & Stiff Neck

I'm having a stiff neck since yesterday. Muscles alongside of my neckline, shoulder and almost all my upper body are affected. It didn't stop me from having a usual day yesterday with minimal limited movement but today, at 3.30am I woke up. The pain was unbearable, I was stuck in one position : laying on my back with a low pillow. I guess I reached my critical moment, I knew it was quite bad. I texted Aja and asked whether she was awake and got no reply.

For 15 minutes I tried to lift my body in sitting position and I failed. My hands were locked in limited movement and you can try yourself : trying to lift your body without bending anything is almost impossible. So I put both my legs down next to the bed, when my upper body was lifted tiny bit, I put fluffy pillow slowly on my back and try to support my neck with my hands. Then I crawled my body down until I got into a sitting position. That took another 10 minutes and I was sweating. I was feeling a bit like drugged Leonardo in Wolf of the Wall Street, when he was crawling back to his car *if you know what I mean :


Those were some glimpse of what body paralysis can do and it wasn't even half bad. Imagine if your full body is paralyze and it will no longer response to your need. Hm.

Well later I managed to go to Aja's room and asked for a neck brace. She gave me some massage with minyak gamat to relax those muscles and reduce bloating, even though a doctor once told me to not touch it and let it subsides. I drank my own honey and ginger with hot green tea. Now I'm stuck in this stiff sitting position with limited movement and all I can do is blogging. 

PS : I'll definitely watch The Theory of Everything later to imagine what it feels like to be Stephen Hawking. And right now I need to take a shower before going to work, it's already 8.00am. 

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