Plant Project : At the Office

I put my 2 pet plants on my table at the office : Pothos and Philodendron. Among the easiest breeds to grow for indoor planting, the one you can find in the public toilet's little vases. I put it right next to me so they will always be in my reach.

I turn the glass pot every few hours because those Pothos tend to follow the sunlight quite fast and I don't like how they stretch almost unnaturally for the light.

I love the soft skin of new baby leaves and its fresh light green colour that look so innocent especially philodendron's. How the leaf curls and slowly opens up to the world.

I planted one unknown seed in the Pothos' vase. I took it from my colleague last week. My colleague was about to drink her healthy-seed-drink that was given by her mother. We both didn't know what kind of seed it is. It grew within 3 days, it is almost 3 inches by this time I'm writing this. I'm excited to find out what kind of seedling it is and I'll find a new pot for it tomorrow.

I also secretly trimmed and watered my boss's dying plant at the verandah. It was all brown, too dried up. I cut all the dried leaves and dying parts so it won't go too far. My boss found out about it and she thanked me - *she actually asked people around about the mystery person who trimmed her plant. Kantoi.



2 comments on "Plant Project : At the Office"
  1. That's so nice of you to help your boss to take care of her plant.

    1. Tak sampai hati to leave it like that T^T