Movies : Worth-watching 2014's movies

These are some 2014's movies worth watching :

I Origins by Mike Cahill
pk by Rajkumar Hirani 
Gone Girl by David Fincher
Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy

It works the best when you don't know what the story is about, never read any reviews or seen any of those movie trailer. *because it will totally spoil the mystery. I didn't know much about those movies when I watch it and I didn't expect it to be that good. Well, for me it was really good compared to everything else I watched last year. 

So I had to restrain myself from writing any reviews or spoilers or long-wild-discussion-in-my-head and I ended up taking too many pages in my journal for my over-excited ramblings.

YOU should watch these movies.


Other than Case Study : DirectorsSofia Coppola and Wes Anderson, I'm looking forward to finishing up the list of movies from David Fincher (*haven't watched The Game & Zodiac yet) and Mike Cahill *because I really love I Origins ,  and to share some findings that I found interesting :D

PS :
I'm in love with I Origins's soundtrack :

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