Little House 2 : The Second Month

The only furnitures I bought after 2 months at my new home are a wooden table and 2 mini wooden side-tables from IKEA. That costed around RM200+ total. Other than that are all old wooden furnitures from ma and collected wooden things all around. 

Old furnitures were painted oil-based white paint so they seem a bit acceptably decent. I keep on buying cheap brushes from Kedai RM 2 and Mr.DIY because I don't want to waste thinner to wash those brushes. I don't like oil-based paint. 


I keep on pinning things from Pinterest that might work for my tiny apartment. Mainly I wanted something more minimal, cheap, rustic with natural-coloured theme. My main inspiration came mostly from Muji and other simple Japanese apartments. Things are just too expensive, so I end up collecting old things that can work for me and making things myself.

Personal research center :

Ma doesn't agree with using cheap bamboo blinders and asked to put proper curtain, which, I argued because I hate ruffled fabrics that block lights. I also detest the bunk-bed & old carpet that the owner provides, but I have no where else to keep =.=

Now it became clear to me on how picky I can be. Hah.


I reorganized the studio for the 3rd time in 2 months.
I found a way to put books in the small space like this :

Every time I go back home to ma's, I take 4-5 books from my old shelves so it won't be too heavy while taking the train. That is what I currently have with me. I probably need a whole lot of book shelves to keep all my books. I'm out of budget. So let just pretend that I don't own so many books at ma's.


I finally found the use of that super heavy bed's base wood that we collected from the trash. I painted it white - double coat, and put it aside for weeks, waiting for it to become a diy sofa. But huge pillows are quite pricy for me to buy - right now, end up buying some nice natural coloured fabrics from Tewah today and asked ma to sew some pillows for my little living room. 

So the wood turned into this, next to the front door :

The apartment looked empty, decent and a bit cheap. 
Every time I feel like buying huge stuffs, I'll remember Fight Club & IKEA.
I rest my case.

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    1. Haiyoh, lupa la tu.

      "Like so many others, I had become a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct."

      "You buy furniture. You tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your sofa issue handled. Then the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you're trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you. "

  2. Reen, I just really like your fuss-free living space. I'm sharing the room with another friend so I don't really have the control of how i want it to look like. It's cramped with a lot of things. But I'm moving to the other room. With window!!! After this I'll have sun light and better ventilation.And and and I'll repaint the almari lama in white. I'm planning to have a Hall of Shame on the wall to spice things up a little.

    By the way, your pegaga is growing well. Cantik.

    1. Repaint everything, make use of what you have, recreate, I think it doesn't cost so much than buying new stuffs kan :D

      Yess, the pegaga keeps on making new baby pegagas :p
      Very healthy one.

  3. Your house is a dream! I love how you decorate your "mini library" and entrance area. Simplicity rules :)

    - Nurul