Little Things 144 : Wash up

In the organization I worked with, they hire 2-3 cleaners. 
Their work mainly focuses on keeping all things tidy and clean ie: wash all the things in the pantry's sink, clean up the toilet, take the rubbish bags down, etc. For each cleaner, they pay roughly around RM1,500 (based on the innocent bual2 kosong with the cleaners - the amount I was paid when I was a fresh graduate)

So say, they have 3 cleaners, and they get RM1,500 per month :
RM 1,500 x 3 = RM 4,500
RM 4,500 x 12 = RM 54,000 per year 

So those RM 54,000 is used to maintain the working environment to the 'above-decent' standard.

Perhaps, every single people in the office knows how to wash their plates, mugs, spoons and forks after they use it, including the 'big bosses' and seniors. Or they know how to clean up the toilet or their desk, and throw the rubbish bag themselves every day after work.

Situation :
Imagine we have around 50-70 people daily, and most of them use at least 1 mug from the pantry. If 60 people don't wash their own mugs, the sink will be flooded with 60 mugs. 8 from 10 people will wash their own mug, and another 2, wash other people's mugs as well. So those 2 people will wash roughly around +30 mugs if they divide the job. 

Imagine if every single person in the organization knows this basic thing in life.
Wouldn't it be much easier for everyone?


I always wonder, how can someone who lived so long or learn so much, don't make these little things as their habit? Like having your wife washes the dishes for you when you go watch the television after she cooks, for you. Or putting the very plate you just used for lunch, and let someone else wash it for you?

What possibly went wrong when you grow up?

PS : We used to have a maid. But believe me, my parents taught us how to clean everything up and do it ourselves really good that this mentality stick in my head and become a habit.

3 comments on "Little Things 144 : Wash up"
  1. sangat setuju.. cemburu dengan orang jepun yg terdidik dengan budaya tu

  2. true. dapat save banyak. but people are just too lazy. Padahal benda simple je kot.