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I've been using Runkeeper since April 2012. 
Wrote a review once in this blog, quite a time ago, now it improved so much. I just realized I reached more than 300km since I started tracking my session. o_o This year I'm aiming for 100km, and I am less than half way to go. 


Today I went out for my usual running session. 
Other than my brother, I still haven't seen any Malays working out in my area. I wish I can see more of us doing something healthy especially in the weekend or early morning/late afternoon daily in our park.

I still can't accept how all of us spend money to eat too much food and spend more money afterwards to go to the gym. And I also can't accept how we can let God's given healthy body slowly dies inside by not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

By smoking or eating excessively or not meditating. I feel like, I'm borrowing something from God, the best way to appreciate this is by taking care of my body as best as I could. So I used to silently think; "How could you kill your body, it is not really yours", every time I see people smoke too much cigarettes or eat too much foods until they became extremely overweight. I-just-can't-process-the-selfishness.

But then, it's not my life, why should I even bother.

4 comments on "Little Things 125 : Health & Body"
  1. Totally agree. Saya guna runkeeper juga lepas akak buat review. Tapi saya jarang workout . Kalau kat park saya rajin pergi pagi. Yang ramai orang cina je. Hee

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  3. salam miss azreen nak tanya runkeeper ni boleh gune dekat treadmill tak... :)

    1. Yeaa, boleh buat manual entry, anon :)