Little Stories 73 : Bus

I took the first bus that came while waiting for a ride home from work. Usually buses were occupied with students and foreigners. It wasn't crowded that night so I sat in the front side of the bus, next to a Chinese student. I blinked my eyes lazily, hunched upfront while hugging my bags. 

Half asleep, half awake, I stared at the busy road in front of me and noticed the bus driver from the front mirror, reflecting us. It was the guy that teased me in bus, but he is no longer a bus conductor, now a bus driver, I guess. I prayed that he didn't see me. 

"Heeey, gadis !", he shouted excitedly from his driver's sit and everyone looked at me. Sheesh. I sheepishly nodded when he asked/shouted whether I was sleepy and tired. 

I don't know what it is about them that make them look happy all the time, whether in the morning or at night. Sometimes I see them both while I go out and back home in the same day. A mutual understanding that we are all working for money to survive.

I tried to ignore him and looked at the window, trying to get less attention than needed.


Soon we reached my destination and someone pushed the button. I thought for a brief seconds on which door to use, 'the back door or the front door' ? To continue avoiding the excited bus driver, I chose the back door. I waited for him to open it, but he didn't. So I had to look at him, he looked at me from his sit and grinned. Great.

By this time, I was blushing. I hated the attention and this gave me loads of it in one go from all the passengers. I had to use the front door, I guess.

The passengers were smiling.


Soon, I hopped from the bus and walked slowly towards my house. I noticed that the bus did not passed me. I turned around to look.

The bus was moving slowly right next to me. He grinned, and the passengers smiled.
"Meh naik, kita hantar sampai rumah".

I mouthed "Takpe lah" and smiled politely.
I walked faster, the reddening of my face might as well outshines Mars.

Several attempts more, he asked me whether I am sure?
The passengers found the little drama entertaining and kept waiting for my response.
Even the passersby started to look at the bus that was moving too slow.

I can't hardly respond, shook my head and felt my face burning, until I turned to the corner towards my area. The bus had to go straight and he finally shouted goodbye.


Although it might sounded a bit dangerous, it happened in an open space, friendly environment with the whole bus and passersby watching. A friendly flirting tone that I am not used to. I was even amused by the short incident.

I thought such things only happen in cheesy love stories in books or movies. 

4 comments on "Little Stories 73 : Bus "
  1. hey..the same person who comment on Snowflakes memories. Hmm..I came here for book suggestion because I know you are bookholic(try to buy/suggest book for my friend who are bookholic too) but I end up randomly reading your post. Interesting story. I would say maybe because you are so cute thats why abg tu usik. :p (I know you roll your eyes) It just some sort of free entertaining utk hilangkn bosan and I believe org lain pun enjoy jg. He managed to put smile on everyone in the bus.(and me)

    Teringat driver bus and konduktor masa zaman naik bas dulu2. Tu la uniknya org Malaysia mcm mak cik India yg u br jumpa dan borak tp die bleh bg magga kt u. Even u don't know each other name. Nice people do exist. :)
    p/s: rindu jg nk naik public transportation and sorry sbb rambling kt sini.

    1. Hey Anon,
      Thanks for reading my posts and took time to write a long reply :D

      I know I write about my time while commuting a lot, I guess time tu baru dpt cerita yg betul2 jadi dan lahir sendiri - instead of time working most of the time :F I'm really glad someone would understand the situation :D