Little Stories 61 : New Jobs

After 3 months of hiatus from routined working life, as planned, by the 4th month, I'm back on track. The original plan was : help my mom with her exhibition and be at the gallery for the whole October, but there was a slight change of plan. I was called in for an interview on the first Oct by an international company, been called in for the second session of the interview a day later, and by the fifth day, I got the job as a part time designer in the company; which requires me to come to the office only after lunch. So half day at the gallery and another half day at the office. Working half day as a designer in one of the building in Kuala Lumpur and my new boss is a tall Australian guy, sounded like a great offer for me, *additional point : it pays well - who would complain to that ?

My workplaces are in walking distance, it's about 20 minutes walk from Matic to the building, near KLCC. 

I never told my new boss that this was my first job interview and I didn't even have a designer portfolio because my previous works mainly focuses on research and pre-development. I never told him how basic my knowledge for InDesign was - like a feeble baby just starting to crawl. I said 'yes' to most of the things he asked. On the second interview, he assigned me with editing things in InDesign and with my basic knowledge of using the software 'once' in my life - I succeeded. I remember on my first day of work, I Googled 'how to insert picture in InDesign' before entering the building, *which was not the same as using Ps or Ai, but to use File > Place instead. 

What I had in mind was to try and explore the possible working skills. I love my job scopes in my previous work very much, but what I am lacking is the skill to come out with a visual design instead of all the wireframe and concept. I realized back then, that I can't visualize a finalized design myself, but I can imagine the flow and concept of something easily. I know what is needed, but I can't put it in graphical way. I think it's important for a designer to have that skill - and seeing how bad I am in that, I didn't want to claim myself as a designer rather - a researcher instead, because I am quite good in that. 

I also realized that I need to learn a lot of other skills to be great in what I want to do. As for now, I work half-day in the office learning as many as possible on Indesign, indirectly from another part time designer before my afternoon session - by imitating his works, in hoping that by the time my contract ends, I learned good enough from him.

PS : Learning takes time and effort.  

So that's for my routine life for October.

A view from my desk :

Extra :
On my first day, I realized that I had to use an Acer personal computer with Windows Os, *I had not use those in 3 years ! I didn't even know how to turn on the computer, I looked like a fool noob trying to find the start button - until other colleague saw how clueless I was and turned it on for me =.=' 

I didn't even remember how to force quit the application when it got stuck while I was working so I had to Google, "how to force quit a software on windows", using Task Manager of course ! And I claimed to be an IT student. 
Laugh world, laugh. 

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  1. That's funny!. I looked exactly like you while I'm working on my sis Macbook!