Reckless Life 6 : 3rd Month

Third month :

There were days I spent exploring new areas and paths, and there were days I spent at home working in front of my Mac. It's either the nature or the work to sustain my living financially. The experiences I had in these few months will be forever imprinted in my mind. 

I wish I can tell everyone how living a simple life will change your life. How needing basic things in life and worrying only for today and tomorrow will give you happiness. How not comparing and trying to be the best in everything will satisfy your need. How caring for yourself and only to those matter to you will calm you down. How doing things that you want and pursuing your dreams will make your days much meaningful.

Everyone is constantly running, it is exhausting.

Slow down, shut your ears to the society and listen to little things you can't hear anymore.
Especially if you are working in the creative field, go outside.
Because there's nothing more inspiring than what God offers to you out there.


PS : I've been sharing a lot of outdoor pictures recently, I decided to make my Instagram public for awhile, I hope you get inspired and find your solace :

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