Event : Art Expo Malaysia 2013

Yesterday I woke up early to go to Art Expo Malaysia, in Matrade Kuala Lumpur. I checked their website for the shuttle bus schedule and aimed for the 10 or 1130 am bus from KL Sentral. After missed the bus and train, I arrived at KL Sentral 1/2 hour late than what I planned. 

Hurriedly bought something to eat for late breakfast in the bus *which is pau kacang and went to the bus stop at one of the entrance. After several minutes of bus ride, we arrived and excitedly went into the exhibition area :F 


I actually came especially for Fadilah Karim - whom I adore so much these couple of years and missed several of her exhibited works. I was hoping to at least buy her postcard to add onto my wall :


The best part about going to an art expo is having a glimpse of a lot of people's soul through their artwork. I adore quite a lot of artworks displayed while I was there. These works came from all over the world and even though I am not much of an art lover, all these works surely inspire me a lot. 

I want to know they thoughts and what they felt while creating it, or how they chose the colours or if there were any stories behind it.

It was so much fun and inspiring :D
PS : I bought Fadilah Karim's postcard !

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