Mini Escapism - Genting Highland 1

I am not much of a theme-park person. 
But the day before yesterday, on a short notice, I had an idea of bringing my little siblings' to Genting Highlands for our short escapism. My brother and sister is going to start on a new semester next week and I know they need something to ease their mind from the normalcy. So I asked my siblings to get ready and I applied for a day-off from work. 

We bought tickets at KL Sentral for the return bus ticket, cable car rides and full outdoor activity. I had to prepare to what they will offer, like I said before, I am not much of a fun hyperactive person. I usually rather have a simple silent old-people walks. Ha.

Interestingly, I slept through the bus ride to the cable car station, it was definitely because I slept a bit late the previous night :D 

On the cable car :

My sister is afraid of heights, and I teased her about it by rocking my body left to right. 

"You know Ra, if we fall from this cable car, we are all going to die and we don't feel anything anymore, so why worry much?", I whispered to her. 
"I don't think by saying this, you are helping anything".

Hahaha. Oukay.


It was definitely a sight worth seeing. 
The silence was beautiful and if I wasn't sitting with my two siblings, I would definitely on my most romantic moment with the nature. 

PS : The ride took almost 20 minutes.
And yes, it was ridiculously high and fast.

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