Little Things 82 : My Oxford

I grew up several years in quarters Mardi inside of UPM, Serdang. I remember the place as being almost heavily clouded with nature and it was also located in the outskirt of town. Our house was reachable after a short ride along durian farms - it was even called as Jalan Durian. 

When I was small the road to my house was quite scary, houses were scattered apart from one another, there were some houses located deep in the what seemed to me like a forest. But I loved the place. I remember several earliest childhood memories while growing up in there. Aja and I, mischievous little girls. We collected biji saga to play congkak, picked up bunga raya & various leaves for masak-masak, rode from 4-wheels bicycle to 3-wheels to finally 2-wheels ride, I played with berudu in the lopak in front of the house, we danced in the rain, played at my neighbors' house until maghrib. Those little childhood memories. 

Our playground was so big, we can run and play so far away.
Kids should grow up in places like this. 
Not in their room, with tablets on their laps.


Last weekend I visited UPM, to pick up my running shirt and also for the Milo Breakfast Run. Here are some picture taken on my little exploration :

I used to call UPM : my Oxford, because of the overdosed beautiful old trees all around the campus. 


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  1. beautiful pictures miss azreen :D

  2. Salam Azreen. I personally love your pictures! May I know what camera you use? Thank you in advance! :)