Little Things 73 : The Seed

Things that come easily don't last long. 
In China it took forty years to make a porcelain bowl, while a hundred a day pour out of a kiln in Baghdad. 
Which is worth more? 
A chick fresh out of the egg pecks its own food, while an infant remains helpless for many years. 
The first never raises its gaze from the ground, while the second can find stars and galaxies inside. - Saadi of Shiraz

Many times when you are planning to do or decide something, and you stop to focus for awhile you will feel a hunch, an instinct, or an inner voice that talks directly to you. 

Sometimes it says that you are on the right path, and you'll just know. 
Sometimes it carries an edge of fear, like a warning or alarm, and surely you'll know. 

In making a big decision, you need to ask yourself, and ask you inner-self. Whether this is the right path, whether if it is the right time ? If it is not, perhaps it is a seed-time for you, give it time to grow, don't dig it up just yet, because when the time comes, it will grow.

On travel :

When I bought a flight ticket to Europe last year, I asked God,
If this is not the time for me to go yet, give me a sign, because I am planning to book hostel soon.
The whole flights to Europe were cancelled, we were the last batch who bought the cancelled flight. I took that silent disappointment as a a sign that it is not the time yet. 


On work :

When I thought about resigning and find better offers, I asked God,
If this is not the time for me to go yet, give me a sign, because I am planning to find better offers, I am almost nyawa-nyawa ikan.
Nope, it is not the time for me to go yet. 


On travel 2 :

A year passed, I started having another panic-attack, I asked God,
So, is it the time ?
Daww, I haven't got any answers yet. 

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  1. Yeahh, utk cepatkan pertumbuhan biji benih :D

  2. hehe. Apa panic-attack tu? Adik beradik heart attack ke or terrorist attack

  3. Panic-attack kena pergi travel cepat2. Huhaha.

  4. huhhu ingt mcm something terrible happen