Movie : Life of Pi - Part 1

I took a month to actually be ready to write this, since I watched the movie in January, and decided to read the 428 pages novel written in 100 chapters , so I would have a better understanding. The lack of knowledge in translating hidden meaning from a story *if there are hidden meanings, lead me into making extra effort in reading other people's reviews, and thoughts - all over the world. My favorite was from David T. , whom helped me to understand 'The Floating Island' chapter, by far my most favorite part in the story. 

The book is about India, religions, a zoo, a shipwreck, and survival. 
Stories in a story. 

At time when Yann Martel wrote the book, he said he was having a minor existential life crisis. He wrote 2 books before Life of Pi but did not became bestsellers. He started to question about his sole purpose of writing and even considered to get 'real job'. This is normal for people who choose to live a life as a full-time artists or writers. 

Which then after spending 13 months in India, in 3 trips : in second trip was mostly on practical research on the book and the third time to tidy up details of the stories, he published Life of Pi. Read how he wrote the book here.

When I watched the movie, I fell in love with : 

1) The idea of the freedom to talk about various religions so openly. 
When questioned about it, Pi just asked what s wrong in wanting to love God, no matter in which religion ? I loved it because I always felt the same about how the world is separating religions in quite a harsh way when the sole purpose of each religion is to devote oneself to God/s. 

2) The visual effects, the movie was so beautiful, vibrant, and colourful. 
It reached my ultimate standard of a great movie. The way they portrayed India was so beautiful , the scene with the swimmers in the crystal clear French swimming pool was interesting, the scene with the whale and glowing planktons was breath-taking, and not forgetting the floating island. I was wonderstruck. The color scheme and lighting was almost too perfect, and this statements came from the person who just saw the 2D movie once ! Those scenes keep on playing over and over again in my mind. That's how good it was. 

3) The idea of telling stories in a story and letting audience choose their own story. 
After being spoon fed for over 20 years plus when we watch stories, a movie with a little twist is like being given a smart phone when all we used before was a normal mobile phone. It is interesting and addictive, not a must but a bonus. 

4) Symbols & Hidden Meaning. 
Again, I love hidden meaning, but I am not well-equipped with the ability to decipher the codes. It's a long learning process. Having a story like this give me a spark that trigger my mind to explore the unknown. When I watched the movie I knew it talked in codes, it was just too odd. Animals, religion, the floating island? What makes a salable movie is not combining animal and religion and by all odds, floating island in the middle of the open sea. 
There must be something else. 

So that was how it all started.

PS : Part 2 is my rambling thoughts on the meaning of some portions of the story, after a month of digging into various explanation. If I don't share it somewhere, I might explode ! In spiritual way, I found out that having a guide to decipher unknown things are the most blissful cheat-code anyone could ever find. If I choose to only watch the movie and read the book, I might not know a lot of things that I want to find out. Searching for guides are the best decision so far. For that, thank you Allah.

4 comments on "Movie : Life of Pi - Part 1"
  1. i've just bought the book yesterday ! :D

  2. I've read the book ages ago, thought the beginning part about religion was fascinating, and many other parts were hilarious, and overall a worthy read. Tapi, I never went your way in trying to research further into the metaphors and what the writer went through semua tu! I must've been young. :P

    As for the movie, ada terasa nak tengok, but then heard bad reviews (from randomers online), I guess they didn't understand it? Might give it a shot though, inshaAllah. Looking forward to your part ii!

  3. Aww.. I haven't read the book yet, but the movie had blown me away~ I like what you said about telling stories in a story. When Pi began to tell about the "other" story, it all came crashing down and all that beauty in his adventure was replaced with a sort of horror and nagging heart ache. But in the end, he still found happiness and perhaps, closure. I guessed that's what made Life of Pi so powerful in its own way.

  4. I guess watching the movie before reading it was a good decision ! There were many parts of the book that seemed a bit too long especially on naming things. Yann loves to name things and explain random things ! It can be quite boring sometimes.

    But the book was so good in explaining things metaphorically , those detailed parts were good when we see what it actually meant. No wonder the book is used as class' discussion most of the time.

    Watch and read !