Little Thing 33 : Books


I love how I can wander in bookstores as long as I needed to feel calm. I can look at row and row of books, appreciate their beautiful cover, read short synopsis. Letting my fingers touch them lightly. If I was lucky enough, I'll smell the rich aroma of coffee from the next door cafe. Just like the one they have in Borders. Having Starbucks in Borders is pure genius. Eventhough I don't have the privilage to pamper myself that way just yet. 

It's funny how in these 2 months I've been having this apartment, I keep thinking on how I should arrange my books. Is it by having long shelves on the wall? Or maybe large wooden bookscase? Or modern type like Ikea and Muji perhaps? Should I arrange it according to the title or type? Or maybe sizes? Should I put a warm cozy chair next to a nice dim light, perhaps with a small table next to it to put hot drink and a plate of chocolate biscuits my sister loves to bake?

I have no idea why I let the flat-screen TV along with Astro montly subscription in the living room. I haven't watch it for months. Should I give my mother her TV back? Should I cut the subscription? I guess I let it there for the pure social purpose. A place where people gather and stare at the screen. The need to be visibly there, an activity that it simple enough to be understood by everyone. One of these days, when I have the right mind to decide, I'll give the TV to right owner back. I will.

Should I invite other bookaholics to come over? We can exchange books! I got a small collection of fictions and graphic books and comics. 

Are you a bookaholic

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