Little Stories 17 : Reborn



As you might know, I am in a transition of merging two of my very very old blogs into one. I've been separating my doodle life and my personal life all this while. Somehow after several years, I think it is much better if I just combine it *so it will be easier for me to handle. All those doodles and written words did came from the very same person, and I don't find anything much more rational to say than that.

Yes, I am a book addict, I love written words, I love writing, I love exploring and taking photos, I love learning stuffs and sharing them, experimenting, and analyzing. I do sometimes feel all those stuffs are a little bit complicated to be stuffed in one blog, so I separated my artsy and geeky life. 

But not anymore. 
I want to be known as one. 


2 comments on "Little Stories 17 : Reborn"
  1. yes, i like it better when all in under 1 roof. so i get to know u more :)

    btw, i dunno whether u r a kpop fan or not, but your picture in this entry - u looks like t-ara hyomin :)

  2. It will be a little bit chaotic, but I'll manage it through :)

    I have no idea who she is, but I've just googled her and she looked much much much much beautiful. Thanks anyway :D <3