Travel : Cameron Highlands


Busy busy month. I've been to so many places these past few weeks. Despite so many stories that have been brought home, I had a hard time trying to sum up those experiences in this blog. Sometimes words don't come easy, huh. 

Anyhow, along with work assignments, those 3 days in Cameron Highland was a great personal exploration. I took a LOT of pictures both for works and for personal usage. Little tin soldier walked around the hills with me, good times :D 

This post is only to share my favorite macro pictures taken by dear LX3 at Cameron Highlands. I found many little things and textures along my journey there. Little flowers, mossy grasses, insect, thorns and such. I am quite fond of those little trinkets that people hardly notice. 

Well if you are such person, enjoy these photos! Some pictures look a bit odd tho, but I love them nonetheless. 



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