Travel : Cameron Highlands 3

Things that I love while I was visiting Cameron Highlands :

1. Moss and trails = Mossy Forest

I love trails, in the jungle, those silence, those smells of damp trees, cold sweats, little excitements over odd new findings. I love those little mosses along the road, on the tree trunks, being so tiny and damp with various of textures and gradients of green colours. I got excited over them all. Some of them looked like tiny soldiers, standing so straight!

One of my favorite place there was Mossy Forest. It was closed when we arrived at the entrance *for renovation. But luckily we got the permission to enter the forest because of our works! 
We hiked up and down half-done wooden stairs, still wet with cements until the end of the trail. How joyful. 

Extra tips : Do bring a bottle of water, it's a quite a long journey. And preferably wear shoes !  


2. Gardens

There were rows of flowers in various colours, cactuses, and fruits. I don't know how they maintain such place because it was remarkable and peaceful. I should probably try to plant some trees at my house as a self-theraphy. Although having dear Awan should probably be enough for now. 


3. Morning walk and light breakfast

We walked briefly to the nearest rows of shops next to our hotel. There is something about silent morning, and hot drinks that give me such serene feeling. 

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