Travel : Cameron Highland 2

Advises to Share from this Journey :

1. Bring a lot of socks if you plan to walk a LOT. 
You should change your socks daily. One pair of socks = One day. And extra another one pair of socks for nightwear when you go to sleep because it can be a little cold up there.  

2. Bring a bottle of water while trekking
Especially when you go to Mossy Forest or walk up to the top of Brinchang Mountain. We cheated, we took a car ride up to the top of the mountain :D

3. Bring thick sweater
For small person like me, my fats weren't enough to keep me warm at night because it was so cold! But it is quite warm in daylight.

4. Some farms are closed on Tuesday
And some farms are closed on any random days except on weekend :(

5. Must go places :
Mossy Forest
Strawberry Farm
Rose Centre
Boh Plantation

6. Wear shoes
If you plan to walk a lot, then wear shoes or at least comfortable sandals. Slippers is not recommended *for no specific reason, I don't really like slippers.

7. Robinson Waterfalls is literally dead
Although it is still listed in the Cameron Highlands map as one of the place to visit, I think it is not really a place to enjoy anymore.

8. Get ready for hours of dizzy road ride
I didn't enjoy those time while we were going up and down the hill. I was a little dizzy and tired *even though I was only a passenger, imagine being the one who drives the car.

9. Plan Ahead
You should buy the map they sell at the hotel or any farms. I think it is RM 4.90, if I was not mistaken. You can get the whole list, contacts of the places to visit. Useful item.


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