Little Story 230 : Another Case of Muscle Strain and Stiff Neck

November 14, 2020

I tried Panadol Extend twice, I don't think it worked or maybe it did, but the pain didn't subside. I wore the neck brace when I can, but mostly not because it gives me rashes. I tried some light stretches, tried to loosen up, but I'm still in so much pain so I had to check my blog to see how I'd handled this situation before because I know this is not the first time, nor the second or the third.

In my previous post about the same situation (I wrote this post in 2015), I went to see a doctor and I got pain killers and muscle relaxer. I stopped writing about it after the 4th day, so I'm not sure how long it lasted. Probably almost a week based on my old posts. 

Today is the fourth day.

I'm still in so much pain.


This happens a lot of time, I think by far I've had 3-5 incidents and I can't even remember if Af had any of these at all. My body is really fragile, my muscles, my bones, my teeth, I'm just physically fragile and for someone that have a strong will on life and love to work, this can be a bit annoying. 

I had to rest and do nothing. 


Update for my future reference:

  • Day 5 : The pain is still as bad as the first 4 days, but it gets worst only after physical activities : like eating, or sitting. Some muscles were loosen up, I can now move my hands up and do stretches, I can yawn as well.
  • Day 6 : The worst pain subsided, left with only sharp pain on some points alongside my head and neck. I can now look to the left and right slowly. I think my body needs another day of rest to heal (but it's work day). I started drinking coffee again. I'm also started working again on the 6th day, so I need to remind myself to do stretches every 1/2 hour instead of get carried away on work.
  • Day 7 : The pain is almost gone, only sore muscles alongside the neck and shoulder. I'm glad this is over.  

I usually try to avoid drugs, so here's some things that can help with sore muscles and inflammation :
  • Chamomile / green tea
  • Turmeric (I take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder every morning) , ginger powder also can !
  • Banana / watermelon
  • Cocoa ! (But need a good recipe for this one, it's really bitter)
  • Protein-based foods
  • Ice pack on the first 2 days to reduce inflammation, hot pack on the later days to heal faster
  • Rest, rest really helps

2 comments on "Little Story 230 : Another Case of Muscle Strain and Stiff Neck"
  1. heyy so are u okay now ? dont u doing any medical check up ? i hope u recover sooner ok 😃

    1. I'm okay now, thanks for asking. The pain lasted 7 agonizing days. But I didn't go to the clinic because usually doctors only prescribe pain killer for that (based on my previous experience) and I don't want to take it :D