Work Related : Busy June + Eid Season

I just compiled these video snippets for the whole June yesterday.
If you follow my Patreon page, you should already know how busy I was in June T^T I was focusing on my Melaka Travelogue project that I was supposed to submit before Eid (but I failed). There are another 10 pages to go as I am typing now. 

Anyway, I rested for 2 weeks since that first week of Raya. We went back to Pekan on Raya and we went to Kuantan again the next weekend for my cousin's wedding. We stopped by at Pantai Air Leleh near our village and there, I felt so calm, that peacefulness that I forgot exists. Because I've been working so hard and stressed out in this 2 months, I forgot there is this-kind of feeling. It was crazy and exhausting T^T We need more of this, peaceful nature and less heat (dear God, the weather nowadays is challenging).


In this video :
  • My Etsy stuffs packing session
  • CNY Angpow for reference (Melaka travelogue) 
  • First iftar outside (instead of at home almost everyday) at Sushi Zanmai
  • Melaka Travelogue update : 41/100 page
  • My packing station (postcard used for thanking each customer, tapes, stamp & sticker collections for personalised packages)
  • Frannerd's parcel that I ordered 3 weeks before from Hasting. I bought 3 of her zines (1 on her doodles + 2 of her travel zines) + free postcard
  • The evening when we just arrived at Pekan, we stopped by at Pantai Air Leleh (the nearest beach from my village). It was clean and beautiful and serene. 
  • Umang-umang !
  • Little baby crabs making holes.
  • Starfish crawling and making doodle on sand.
  • We hunted for a sunrise on the 2nd day of Eid. We woke up at 6am, washed our face and did Subuh prayer, and headed to Pantai Air Leleh to hunt for a morning sunrise. We got that right !
  • A lot of starfishes in the morning, I saw more than 7 :D
  • Around 130k steps of walking and jogging sessions all around.
  • Food fiesta on the 2nd day of Eid at my aunt's open house.
  • Clear stamps repacking for this Saturday's event at Battery Acid Club.
  • Short stop for Mango Cheese Cake at Kula Cake by Lila Wadi in Kuantan before we headed back to KL
  • Page 76/100 from my Melaka Travelogue and Awan !
  • Baby-faced looking Awan thanking youuuu, my Patrons.


Small shout-out about my Patreon :
  • There are also free posts for any of my Patreon followers without any pledges. 
  • I post random videos, podcast and updates for Patreon pledges as well. If you are interested in following my work progress or just simply want to support an independent local artist, you can do so and I am forever thankful.
  • I'll be posting more things on my current workloads and projects and items that I'm making and plans for the future as an independent illustrator ! 
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