Little Thing 223 : Pokemon Gooo o o

August 08, 2016

I was born in the 80s, so when Pokemon fever had just arrived in Malaysia in the 90s, my siblings and I were among all the kids 'affected' by the anime. We watched the anime, read the comic, collected the small figurines, sang along to their theme song, watched the first few movies repeatedly, played the game on Gameboy console, and I even finished Pokemon Red + Silver until the very last battle. Yes, I was that dedicated.

But as a kid - and all through my teenage years, that was our 'thing'. It did took a lot of my time, I did stayed in after school to hunt for pokemon and train them all for those battles. But, as normal as anyone who plays game, we should fairly understand that the fever will last depend on the person - some will probably are just not interested, some will play half-way through and some, like me, will spend a LOT of our time finishing up the game. 

But a game, is just a game. 
I had my time, so when the fever strikes again now during my late 20s - I didn't even flinched. I'm not excited, there's no point for me to use my time again to catch all the Pokemon that I caught 15 years ago. Even though they are now in AR world where we can see it in 3D, it still feels like a repetitive game. I already played it twice, I can't put myself in that position again. 

I'm not sure why the world has suddenly put a lot attention in the game until people feel there's a need to put a religious rule on it. How can it be possible for people to say something is haraam just because of all this hype? Can you imagine if for example, my sister downloaded it and caught like 3 pokemons, and rarely open it and suddenly my mom saw her playing the game on just random event when she was bored - and because of the ridiculous new rule she read on shared Facebook post, my mom scolded her for committing a sin =.= Because all mak-mak really like sharing stuffs on social media and believe them all word-by-word. This wouldn't be the first time I argue with my mom about shared posts on social media. Haiyooh.

For me, a game is still a game - any game can affect the player depend on how they decide to play it. It is the same concept. As an ex-gamer, I wouldn't judge other gamers - I just hope they can use their time wisely and play the game moderately. 

  • Bahaya dari segi pengintipan pihak luar 
  • Pencerobohan ruang peribadi 
  • Faktor keselamatan seperti kemalangan 
  • Kelalaian 
  • Ketagihan melampau terhadap gajet 
  • Kehilangan fokus terhadap realiti sekeliling 
  • Gangguan emosi seperti mudah marah akibat kekalahan - what?
  • Membawa kepada akhlak yang buruk 
  • Ancaman kepada pekerjaan dan pelajaran

As one of the Pokemon gamer 15 years ago that spent 3-6 hours everyday training and hunting for Pokemon, I can conclude that it did took a lot of my time, but everything turned out just fine. My exam results turned out good and my state of mind was just fine. Ditto both my younger siblings and the kids in our neighbourhood.
We had our time. It was all just a game.

Note : The fever was expected, but the new religious rule was not.

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