Event : MAHA 2014

Last weekend I helped my dad at his booth.
He joined MAHA 2014 at Maeps since last Thursday,
the event is being held for 10 days, once every 2 years.

Dad's booth :
ApadanaAgro, Booth 31, Laman Tiba 1, MAHA, Maeps, Serdang. How to go?


When I arrived there on Sunday morning, the booth was already set-up ready to go because the event started 3 days before, so I didn't do much of hard-sweaty work. Booth and location were far better than 2 years ago. This time we were surrounded by plants; herbs, fruit plants, orchids, cactuses, air plants, seeds, big plant, baby plants, everything green and exciting. I was overwhelmed.

Sunday at MAHA clearly well-packed with human from all over Malaysia. I was busy selling my dad's soft baked cookies, jeruk, chocolate moist and air asam boi. While my dad and Ali (*dad's worker) sell plants and zeolites. The first 6 hours was so hectic I didn't even have time to sit and rest. I waited for my sister to arrive to take my turn so I can have my late lunch and hunt for plants.

When she finally arrived,  I gave her a simple briefing and I left her to take care of the booth :D I had around 2 hours to find foods, toilet and plants. The event place is super-big and I don't have the time and energy to have a full walk-through. So I only aimed for our plant area (Laman Tiba 1) and the food area (which was really far but I was famished beyond words and I know my dad won't find anything to eat until 10pm+, so I had to find something for them to eat).

I scanned through the plant area 3 times, bought myself baby chili plant (RM 2), baby orchids (RM 20 for 5), air plant (RM 10), bendi seeds (RM 1), little pots and woods (RM 1 each), also baby keladi + pegaga in zeolites from my dad (RM 5 each). All them seeds and babies because my apartment is so small everything would go to little hanging pots and bottles. Not quite sure buying orchids will work for me or not - the last time I bought orchid, it died :F

It rained heavily at 5pm until 8pm, I was stuck at some booths and scanned around for things. I had to run in the rain when I got too bored at same booth for long. Until I was back at my dad's again. We were there until 10.30pm - super exhausted and smelly, happy for buying so many baby plants, and promised I'll try to spend another day next weekend to help my dad.

Don't miss it.

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