New.Canvases & A.Free.Book!



I bought 6 new canvases to continue "my doodle on a long journey"!
And also, for my lovely doodle-fasting season,
I bought a new book by Markus Zusak,
the writer of The Book Thief :

I haven't been reading for quite a while. 

Oh yes, dear book reader,
I have a 3rd hand novel : 
Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner.
Reply here if you are interested,
it's for free :)

I'll use to pick
the lucky reader yea :)


8 comments on "New.Canvases & A.Free.Book!"
  1. Me ! I want :D

  2. I am interested! ;) Haritu I resulted to reading children's books (eg. Artemis Fowl -_-) that belong to my brother sebab takleh tido malam2... (jetlag heheh).

    Thank you in advance for this giveaway!

  3. Slm..good..interested too..