November 15, 2010

Currently accepting doodle on frame order
Contact me at :

Status : 3 frames   1 more!  FULL!

Please don't give me short notice
and want it by 2-3 days!
It's almost impossible because I draw it by request.


Those big bad wolf book sale makes my tummy starves (T^T)
Bought 10 books last Friday & planning to buy more. 
Come on, help me!


Updates : Bought another 9 books at big bad wolf book sale :D
Pure addiction.

Updates+ : Another 8 books from my dad! :D
I'll be super surrounded by books after I graduate.

3 comments on "Commission.Works."
  1. OMG I second that. Those books are super cheap they drive me crazy. xD

  2. the book sales tomorrow! oh yeah!!!!

  3. I went to buy more just now!
    Bought almost 20 books from the wolf already :D
    That was awesome.