Movie : Falling in Love and Having to Say Goodbye

I watched 2 movies that touched me to the core last month - or maybe because I was having a PMS and that lead to constant crying over every single sad things in my life. I chose these 2 movies in the same week because I was ridiculously unstable emotionally and I wanted a good cry. Have you ever felt like that? - Wanted a good cry I mean. Sometimes I do and that happens usually in the same phase in each predictable week in a month. The week when women get a thorough cleanse physically and emotionally - a week after that, we will feel like we can conquer the world !


The movie :

So if you are in love and you are still afraid with the idea of letting go/saying good bye - here are some movies that you should watch. Just to give you a head start in thinking about the topic that you are so afraid to face.

I know about A Ghost Story since last year, but I was reluctant to watch it. Even Af watched it several months before I did. After I watched the trailer, I felt like I can predict the story and I was not ready for it. It felt like a huge similarity between us and the characters in the movie. So I didn't want to feel that much. I am so in love and I just wasn't ready. 

But after 3 months of waiting, I finally watched it,
A Ghost Story (2017)  :

I love the unspoken silence and the music and the pain. 
You need to be very patient, because it is a very slow-paced movie. It is a ghost story, but it is not a typical ghost stories with jump-scares and creepy moments. I loved it because I love how simple the movie is, but it captured the bigger message and human emotions. You can feel just by watching, it can test how observant we can be when we have to, even without any conversations. Feelings passed from one scene to the other without dialogues. I found it intriguing. 

This movie is for people who are comfortable with silence and slow-paced reality. It is also for people who are in love and people who are trying to understand, or at least for those who are not afraid to feel sad and melancholic.

I freakin' love the song ♥ :


Irreplaceable You (2018)

This was just a random Netflix featured movie that I found when I was packing stuffs for the day. It is also brought the theme of : Being in Love and Having to Say Goodbye ♥ It wasn't as powerful as 'A Ghost Story' but it was painful nonetheless. I'm not sure whether I want to be the one who leave or who has to leave. 


Being in love teaches me this, that something so beautiful and so pure can be so painful and so heart-breaking. I'm thankful for this God's given chance that is given to me, for letting me feel this beauty in life that I've never felt before. Even though it puts me in a very vulnerable position. I guess in life, for us to have something great and beautiful, we must balance it with the sides that we are not ready to face. Like the risk of losing it, the pain and the heart-breaks.

But we just have to deal with it. 
It's the yin to the yang, the light to the dark ♥

Note : My mom mentioned about how morbid I can be at times :F I noticed that too, but I feel like talking about death is really important in relationship (because every single person on earth will face it eventually). Even though we try to not think about it, it is still as real as facing tomorrow. So why be afraid of something that real ?

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  1. Hi Reen,

    High 5!! Songs and movies that are depressing always get me. I just like that intense feeling after watching or listening to them.

    Omg it's been a while since the last time I visited this place. Now excuse me I have a lot of catching up to do. With your blog =P